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Alcoutim in the Algarve in Portugal.

Visit the famous inland beach at Alcoutim, take the ferry to Spain and ride the longest zip wire ride in Portugal all in the same afternoon….”By Jamie Mcloughlin


Alcoutim is a Portuguese Town in the district of Faro, and a sub-region of the Algarve with about 1000 inhabitants. Alcoutim has an area of approx 57 km sq and is to the northeast of the Algarve coastline. The area is a heaven of tranquility between the mountain range of the cauldron and the river Guadiana which serves as a natural border with the neighboring country of Spain. The region of of Alcoutim is mainly linked to a rural life style, and one can purchase traditional woolen blankets or ornaments in cane, wicker and pottery. Finely made cotton embroideries, and towels of linen along with floral arrangements, in straw. Also corn dolls as well as many other well crafted goods. Living of the land they hunt for wild boar and fish the river which along with lamb constitutes the main source of food in the region.


Pork, bread and oil are the main locally produced food of the area. The annual slaughter of the pigs habitually between November and December, provides sustenance for all of the year, because the meat is easy to conserve. The bread is baked for many diverse kinds of traditional dishes such as soups, gaspacho or stews. The oil is obtained through the olive fruit of the olive Tree. Fish is also a main part of the traditional dishes of the area normally served with home grown fruits and vegetables grown locally in the gardens and seasoned by the aromatic herbs (oregano, and coriander in particular) Accompany the meal with a good homemade local wine, followed by a traditional liquor of fig or of medronho.


There is a beach to be found in Alcoutim suprisingly as the town is not on the coast, however it is a man made beach which is situated on a little Bank of a subsiduary to the river Guadiana. It is very pretty and presents the town with water sport recreations and leisure. It situated on the bank of the river cadavais, a firth with Rio Guadiana, and has golden sand is is equipped with a car park, bar, picnic area with wooden tables, showers, beach volleyball field and sanitary. The municipal of Alcoutim have put forward the beach as candidate as an entry to the contest “7 wonders beaches of Portugal” an initiative that is going to promote the environmental quality of the countryside, namely the water resources and the beauty of the inland coast, Lagoons and Portuguese rivers. The beach is frequented mainly by residents and national tourists and Spanish.

There are many events dotted about the calendar in the town of Alcoutim the main one being hosted in the middle of September. This festival is 3 days packed with events, animation, entertainment, live music and lots more. Each day is dedicated to a special theme, the party will be non stop from early morning until dawn, with live music concerts and fireworks.

Alcoutim is not known for its wild nights out. However all year round, there are a couple of bars and restaurants that stay open late with live music and local dancing. Summer tends to liven up the town somewhat with the arrival of tourism and with quite a few events to liven up proceedings a good time can be had by all.

There are many restaurants and bars dotted around the small town and also in the surrounding areas. Where you can eat anything from the famous Chicken Piri-Piri to Wild boar and Pork stew. Quite a few of the restaurants have open barbecue where fish is a real speciality .



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