Praia do Almargem

  • praia almagem beach quarteira algarve

    praia almagem beach quarteira algarve

Visit Praia do Almargem Pardise Today!

There are several good beaches in the Algarve area that you and your family can take full advantage off. A good beach should have soothing waters, amazing sand areas for you to chill, and scenic beauty that is breathtaking! There are some beaches that pass with flying colors when it comes to the above qualities (others are pretenders to the throne and do not deserve consideration!)

Some of the more scenic beauties that Algarve has to offer include beaches like Praia Da Amoreira, Praia Ingrina, Praia Amado, etc. These are just a small sample of the top quality beaches you can get in Algarve. Some are more popular than others are, therefore, will be more crowded than the rest. Others are tucked in secluded areas that require you to put some effort in locating them. Each, however, is rewarding in its own way from surfing waves, to relaxing waters, to perfect sand beaches!

Praia do Almargem gives you quiet environment that helps you relax. This particular beach is located on the Ribeira do Almargem stretch. It is noted for the peaceful nature that it exhibits. This serene environment makes it very appealing for different kinds of birds.

If you love bird watching then this is the place to be! All you have to do is simply pick a spot and watch all the action unfold. When you compare this particular beach to the others, you will be awestruck by the quantity of silence that this beach can offer.

In addition, there are various restaurants and parking areas nearby so that you do not go hungry! The beach is beautiful. It will give you the much-needed peace and quiet you have been craving. For more information on how to locate Praia do Almargem beach use the map at the side and use the directions button below.

“By Jamie Mcloughlin

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