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    Salir Algarve

Salir The Hidden Paradise in the Algarve countryside in Portugal.


Salir means disappearance. Legend has it that it received its name after the daughter of Aben-Fabilla who was a Moorish alcalde refused to leave the renowned castle and decided to pray instead as the army of Afonso III attacked; she was captured but her father transformed her into a statue of rock, the statue later disappeared. The village was thus named Salir in honor of that courageous youth.
Salir is located in the eastern part of the Algarve. It is under the famous district of Faro and municipality of Loule. It is strategically located along the EN124 which runs from the town of Alcoutim that is near the border with Spain and bypasses Salir as it heads to the town of Silves which is in Central Algarve. This tourist attraction sits at around 200 meters above the sea level. It was elevated to the status of a town not so long ago; in 1993.


Salir has a very rich history; it was a rural coastal defensive post that taken by Paia Peres Correia in the year 1248 as he awaited the arrival of Afonso. They were meant to unite their forces so as to take over the Algarve. The town was thus pivotal during those shaky years when there was a lot pressure emanating from Christian forces during the 11th and 12th century.


One of the major attractions in Salir is the famous Salir castle that was built and fortified in the 12th and 13th centuries, it is owned by the Portuguese government. It is made of stones, tiles, steel, mosaics and Taipa. Though the architects are unknown it has an Islamic style in medieval setting. The main church that was built during the 16th century is also a sight worth visiting. The town does offer some very scenic walking paths and is very well maintained and clean. It has a large variety of wild flowers that are unique to that part of Portugal dotting almost all walkways and paths. The people of Salir are also warm and friendly; seeking directions or asking questions will not be a problem.


The town does hold an annual fair known as the Salir do tempo in the month of September; everyone is invited and people wear medieval costumes depicting the moors of yonder; they also play old music and there is a lot of dancing and comradeship during this 3 day period. There is also the corn festival that is held in May; though small it does attract the masses too.

Night Life  

The town has some wonderful restaurants that open late into the night. Fish is the main delicacy in Salir although the recipes are numerous and varying. The fish is brought daily from Loule because Salir is an inland town.


Nascer do Sol- Restaurante e Snack-Bar Lda and Restaurante O Porrinhas dos Leitiues are quite popular. Due to the number of tourists there is a relatively vibrant nightlife with drinks flowing till late.
The shops are generally small but well stocked. As much as there are people who speak English and Spanish in the town; the language of choice is Portuguese. Learn a few words of Portuguese before visiting the town.

“By Jamie Mcloughlin

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