Sao Bartolomeu de Messines

  • Sao Bartolomeu de Messines Algarve

    Sao Bartolomeu de Messines Algarve

Sao Bartolomeu de Messines in the Algarve in Portugal


Sao Bartolomeu De Messines simply known as Messines.This Algarvian community is the home to the Portuguese Parish in the Municipality of the Silves and occupies an area of about 246.41sq Km and constitutes a population of about 8,491 people this therefore gives it a population density of about 34.5 hab/sq Km.The town is situated around the magnificent, beautifully decorated and designed church of Igreja Matriz next to this church there is a museum known as Joao de Deus .This place is renowned to be the birth place to the famous poet of the 19th century,Joao de Deus whose book known as Cartilha Maternal was largely used to teach reading as well as writing to the Portuguese citizens during the 19th and the early 20th century. Sao Bartolomeu De Messines is actually the typical of an inland Algarve town which was set in the valley , north to the east of Silves and is endowed with lovely buildings of the olden times,they are basically grand looking buildings and houses typical of the Portuguese having their balconies decorated with wrought iron further more the road meanders along the streets aligned with low rise Algarvean type of houses and structures.


Messines, as many residents and visitors would agree is actually a spectacular town with a magnificent feeling of change.The country side of this town is characterised with a breathtaking lush of a green environment and a galore of fruit trees aligned on both sides of the road not to mention the beautiful sight of the variety of fruits sold along the road side in well arranged stalls.This actually gives the best feeling and a taste of the real Algarve. In addition, you can never miss to stop over and enjoy a cup of coffee in the existing coffee shops surrounded with a wonderful ambience and a cool atmosphere. Away from any crowds but in the town vicinity,there exists a place of tranquillity that gives one a peace of mind this is around the Funcho dam,this is a place one should not miss to visit anyway more so when tired of the crowds.Eastwards of Messines there exists the village of Alte,a typical Algarvean villages of white washed buildings and houses scattered on the hill.


The daily life in this town goes around the municipal market, the Mercado Municipal.This market contains fresh farm produce,freshly backed eggs as well as fish and is very much locally driven. Everything you require is readily available in this market anyway from their giant traditional shops to the modern supermarkets and the boutiques. Its narrow streets are characterised with coffee shops and restaurants serving and offering traditional cuisine not to mention beer locally known as the Carjeva. Football has been greatly embraced here this is exhibited clearly with the presence of many football grounds around the town.

Night Life  

The night life Messines is usually bursting into array of activities thus making it very lively and interesting however most people prefer relaxing in the evenings with the prevailing relaxed and interesting atmosphere in the cafes around most of the streets.


Strangely for this town which gives the feeling of Portuguese, it obviously takes care for English speaking visitors in a very appropriate way,one can usually notice that in some hotels most of the menus are all in English while some hotels offers a full English breakfast for instance.the foods here are varieties ranging from varieties of fish, fruits,meat and many others and even though Messines is not usually rated as a tourist destination town, but acts as a very active rural neighbourhood town,one easily finds most of the essentials that he or she requires during their stay here.

“By Jamie Mcloughlin

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