Vale do Lobo

  • Vale do Lobo on the Algarve

    Vale do Lobo on the Algarve

Vale do Lobo on the Algarve coast in Portugal

An Enchanting Place that you will Never Forget…The Algarve´s magnificence is simply beyond words – you need to experience it in order to give proper description of one of the world’s most breath taking places particularly Vale do Lobo. It has two golf courses namely The Royal Golf Course and The Ocean Golf Course in which the top views of the said panoramic golf courses can make you lose your breath for a fraction of time and be captivated by its enchanting beauty.
“By Jamie Mcloughlin

Birth of the Enchantress. Vale do Lobo is located in Faro District in Algarve, Portugal. It was founded in 1962 and was the first to introduce development in Algarve – the land of farmers and fishermen. The enchanting land enticed a Dutch entrepreneur named Sander van Gelder during a holiday in 1970 and bought the resort and made Portugal his home in 1977. The emergence of Vale do Lobo gave way to a five star hotel, a golf course, and Faro International Airport. The beautiful Algarve became a home not only for the farmers and fishermen but to other people who were enchanted by the place.
For a period of over thirty years, it has turned into a 450-hectare independent community. It offers seemingly endless favorable services and facilities where the inhabitants benefit a lot. The enchanting place did not stop improving and continued to flow with time. Modern technology and methodology are continuously being harnessed in order to immortalize its beauty.


Today, you will surely see that it can still leave you breathless and can give you the most exhilarating experience that you can find. Attractive Lures, Activities and Events that will keep you within its Bosom. Are you looking for fun, adventure, take your breath away, or something to quench your boredom? Come to Vale do Lobo and you might even find something that you have been missing all your life. Occupying the top spot on the list is the exciting golf course (there are actually two) that will keep you accommodated while enjoying the panoramic scenery each time you swing your golf club (or even if you’re not). Enjoy the sea front scene, the community where everyone is treated like a family, one of a kind lifestyle (while you are there), and so many things that you will find truly worth your while.


Take a dip in the pool or the beach, fall in love with its wellness center, indulge in a food adventure, and feel your heart beats fast as you enter a bar. Engage in water sports, football, aerobics, yoga, shopping, sunbathing, and similar activities that will surely make your vacation more enjoyable.
You should not miss the golf and tennis tournaments that Vale do Lobo hosts for decades. There are also training camps and outdoor concerts for you to check. It also has a medical center with 24-hour service and security service with security staff adept in applying first-aid. The security features of the place includes: security cameras, 24 hours guard visibility, and round-the-clock immediate assistance. Bank, car hire, shuttle bus, newsagent, and other similar services are also provided.

Night Life

When Night Falls – After all the fun-filled activities that kept you on your feet all day long, you will just want to relax on your comfortable bed and rejuvenate your body and be ready for the next encounter. But if you want to experience the night life in Vale do Lobo then you can try Monty’s, a place for drinks, fine meal, and amazing entertainment to accompany you for the night. It’s like a catalyst for the usual daytime activities. For starters, rest on the large terrace and watch the sky change its color from cerulean blue to mauve twilight as the sun softly retires for the day. Enjoy a succulent meal followed by your favorite drink while enjoying the entertainment that unfolds before your eyes. It’s a perfect end for a day of great adventure and fun.


There are fifteen restaurants and bars to explore – all considered first class. Dishes include Asian, Italian, French, and delectable Portuguese plus a whole lot more. You can choose a casual or fine dining setting. One of the more popular is Montys Restaurant and Bar. Whatever you choose you will surely enjoy the great tasting meal that you might only taste at that enchanting place. During the evening´s of the summer months live music is provided in the praça and there is plenty of room to dance the night away!. If you want to experience a different kind of unforgettable experience and enchantment then visit Vale do Lobo and you can be certain that it will exist forever in your memory.


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