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A Holiday in the Algarve

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Quick Travel guide for the Algarve region of Portugal
“By Jamie Mcloughlin


The southernmost region of Portugal often called Algarve is located on the Atlantic ocean. Phoenicians came into this region on the basis of attraction they found in iron, copper and manganese deposit. They also created trading ports and settlements some 1000BC during the neolithic period. History holds that the Phoenicians evolved from western Mediterranean, which is presently called Isreal, Syria and Lebanon. The Carthaginians who were from North Africa also discovered a prominent port called Circa. During the 2nd century, the Romans took control of the total region to themselves.


The climate of Algarve is purely Mediterranean. The Algarve region is basically showing attractions in the likes of cliff-top paths from a deserted sandy cover to another. It is basically a region of hidden delights, golden beaches and wonderfully wrought limestone rocks.


In the region of Algarve, you could get holiday event with your family, tourism and mention a few.

Night Life – Activities

The night life in Algarve can be a fun with clubs scattered around the region and relaxation centers. From the group of activities that take place in Algarve, outdoor pursuit, nature watching, photography, painting and more makes the region amazing.


Restaurants in Algarve can also be a fun with Piri Piri chicken serving a great appetizer. The Medronho serves as a traditional drink for people enjoying a given restaurant.